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Softwaring industry and science
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Softwaring industry and science
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Company name
IMOBIT is an acronym derived from 3 different expressions based on Information Technology (IT):

IMprovement and Optimalization By IT

In My Opinion Better IT

Industry and MOBile IT

Our mission is to automate and to optimize the reality around us through the production of efficient, high-quality software.

According to an expression: IMprovement & Optimalization By IT.
To be one of the strategic suppliers of technologically advanced products and solutions for industry.
To be an authority in a the area of informatics innovation in industry.
To be recognized as a company with a human face, friendly for employees, liked by clients, supporting those in need.
Our core values
The principles which guide our actions during developing our company are:
1. Self-improvement
we're endeavoring to be better, improving our actions, used technologies and tools
2. Responsibility
for what we do, how we operate, and how we are
3. Transparency of activities
towards both customers and employees
4. Communicativeness
efficient exchange of information is the base of our industry
5. Flexibility
we can adapt to external conditions and to the needs of each client
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