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Turn your visions into binary code
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Turn your visions into binary code
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Integration and optimization in industry
We are an integrator of IT and automation systems in industry, having many years of experience related to project implementation e.g. for the mining (coal mines) and automotive sector (manufacturing halls, warehouses).

We design and implement IT solutions compatible with the existing infrastructure of the customer, both entirely new, created from scratch, and based on the products developed by us or available on the market.

Based on the preliminary analyses carried out by us, we select solutions enabling our vendors to optimize manufacturing and logistic processes.

Effects of implementing our solutions
The data flow and cooperation of different IT systems operating in the company.
Infrastructure integration (industrial automation and electronics) with various ERP/MRP systems (e.g. IFS, SAP).
Control and management of machine and hardware operation (communication with PLCs and directly with the machines via input/output modules, operation of code scanners, cameras, SCADA systems etc.).
Identification and control of the flow of components, parts and finished products in manufacturing systems.
Industrial process optimization by collecting, analyzing and visualizing data collected from production (RFT, scrap, rework, productivity etc.).

Expanding functionality of the existing manufacturing, accounting, management systems etc.

Improving order picking and shipment systems (WMS).

Measurable benefits for our customers
We can boast of projects which enabled our customers to achieve measurable savings.
Reduced material losses
  • Qualitative check of components,
  • Ongoing verification of operators on their work stations with respect to the amounts of scrap generated,
  • Generating scrap reports (e.g. RFT).

Reduced number of complaints
  • Controlling compatibility of components used for manufacture,
  • Identification of individual parts at every manufacturing stage, making it possible to determine the place and person responsible for the error,
  • Controlling shipment correctness and picking (WMS).
Control of all the manufacturing processes
  • Global visualizations, analyses and reports (MES, SCADA etc.).
Increased productivity
  • Automation of repeatable manual activities (e.g. production reporting, machine retooling etc.),
  • Applying methods to improve manufacturing line productivity (e.g. One Piece Flow).
Instant notification of alarm conditions
  • Hazardous situations (e.g. in the mining and positioning systems),
  • Errors of machines and manufacturing stations,
  • Problems reported by the operators,
  • Exceeded acceptable levels and indicators (e.g. of the achieved efficiency, generated scrap, machine overload, electricity consumption etc.)
Supervision of individual process components
  • Employees (work time and breaks, efficiency, scrap level),
  • Machines (uptime, faults, efficiency),
  • Material and finished product flows.
Technologies used
Operating systems
Windows, Windows Server, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android
Data base
Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL
ERP systems
IFS Applications, SAP ERP
Accesory modules
Advantech, IBHlink
Siemens Simatic S7, Omron
Code readers
Motorola, Banner, Balluf, Cognex, Datalogic
Label printers
Cab, Zebra
Industrial scales
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