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Turn your visions into binary code
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Turn your visions into binary code
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Our products
During our long-term market presence, in response to the customers' needs, we have created many specialist products. All our systems can be matched to the individual needs of the customer. Do not hesitate to get acquainted with our applications.
Mesbit is an extended, modular Manufacturing Execution System
(MES ) , designed for cooperation with ERP systems (IFS, SAP).
It was developed in response to the demand of automotive manufacturing departments.

The major features of the system:
  • production tracking and visualization in real time,
  • manufacturing data collection and reporting,
  • workplace check of the assembly process,
  • registration of stops and their causes,
  • scrapping monitoring,
  • identification and tracking of all manufacturing process components (parts, materials, people, machines),
  • efficiency calculation and monitoring.

Locus is an object positioning system, especially for indoor environments (with no access to GPS).

It is based on a network of wireless base stations situated in rooms and corridors. Tracking takes place via active transponders situated in the objects being positioned.

The major features of the system:
  • positioning people and means of transport (e.g. forklift trucks, electrical trains etc.),
  • exact count of objects in defined areas,
  • system message handling (sound, text and visual),
  • extended definition of alarm conditions and their visualization,
  • display of the registered history,
  • system operation on any platform (PC, tablet, smartphone).

Imonit is SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition ) system designed for collecting, displaying and reporting data from industrial processes.

It was created for the mining industry but it can be used successfully
in other sectors.

The major features of the system:
  • process tracking and visualization in real time,
  • intuitive interface,
  • collection of data from digital and analogue sensors,
  • displaying reports and lists,
  • alarm condition visualization,
  • extended report definition.

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