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Turn your visions into binary code
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Turn your visions into binary code
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Innovation and research cooperation
We cooperate with universities and research units to develop and perform innovative projects in the area of the broadly-taken information technology, electronics and automation.
Scope of our activities

proofs of concept

technical studies
and designs



Scientific publications

patent and industrial
design applications

Prototype examples
In cooperation with Research and Development Centre of Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology PJAIT in Bytom we developed a set of wireless IMU / AHRS sensors (Inertial measurement unit / Attitude and heading reference system ) to collect data about a human movement.

It is designed for use in medicine (rehabilitation) and sports.
The major features of the set:
  • small dimensions of a single sensor,
  • comfortable use,
  • at least 10 degrees of freedom (DoF),
  • free configuration of individual nodes,
  • compatibility with smartphones,
  • 1-degree angular accuracy,
  • real-time readout with 100 Hz sampling,
  • wireless communication,
  • long battery working time at full load.
Our cooperation related to research works frequently results in scientific publications. Depending on the type of cooperation, we may only prepare the required data or become co-authors of the publication.

The examples of publications co-written by us on the technology use in medical sector:

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