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Systems supporting production, Mesbit
As a part of our business we develop and implement dedicated systems for production support, which improve processes and safe time and money of our customers.
Introduce into production proven techniques and tools which are elements of:
  • TPS - Toyota Production System ,
  • Lean Manufacturing .
For whom?
Our solutions are successfully used in both:
  • the small manufacturing companies (several workstations),
  • the large industry halls even counting several hundret workstations.
Based on many years experience with manufacturing companies especially from automotive we've created our own system of production support - Mesbit.
Effects of the implementations for our clients
We can boast the implementations which enable our customers to achieve real savings.
Complaints reduction

Our solutions for validation decrease the number of end-customers' complaints and thus reduce costs of the potential penalty payments.
Less scrap

Every year our implementations prevent losses arising from scrap at total amount of over
1,5 mln PLN.
Audits simplification

With our solutions positive passing both the ISO audits and more demanding automotive audits is much simpler.

We save time of leaders, foremen and managers by automation and availability of all kind of information and reports.
Main functionalities
The unique identification of manufacturing elements allows for tracing whole production process, especially determine who, where, when and from which parts produced the particular product.

You can trace practically anything - finished products, components, packages, pallets, storage shelves, operators, machines and even machine components and tools.

The identification is implemented by barcodes, 2D codes or RFiD elements.

The basic carriers are self-adhesive labels, but they can also be laser engravings or encapsulated elements.
Operator's Assistant
The applications for assembly checking and visualization, running on particular workstations reduce the risk of errors and increase intuitiveness of the operator's work.

Possible use cases are e.g. verification of the correct tightening of all screws or the use of components with appropriate colors.

The use of a connection with a machine significantly increases the possibility of eliminating potential errors, e.g. by automatically retooling a machine for the production of a given variant of the part (right / left part).
Performance monitoring
Ongoing efficiency monitoring allows to easy finding bottlenecks and quick correct of any improperties.

Globally available performance visualisation of every worksite and line on the large format monitors placed in easily visible locations for every employee, simplyfies inspection and increases operators efficiency.

The information about the current processing times showed on every worksite increases employees' regularity and self-control.
Defect and scrap handling
Recording of the number of scrapped components at various stages of production along with the definition of the defect categories is the basic step towards eliminating the largest losses in manufacturing companies.

Scrap can be reported in the application by the operator or calculated automatically based on the signals from the machine.

Further analysis of percentage tables or Pareto charts in the domains of: time, defect categories, worksites or shift leaders allows for easy identification of potential production problems.
TPM support
Total Productive Maintenance - method aiming at maximazing use of the available machines time for production, requires constant monitoring of downtimes periods and reasons.

The ability to obtain information about failures and operating times directly from machines in conjunction with extensive options for reporting downtimes by employees are the basis for optimizing the use of equipments.

The whole is completed by an application for handling notifications (e.g. failures) dedicated for maintenance departments (UTR) integrated with worksites applications.
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